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Dear customer

Our production team will be on vacation from the 6. – 31.7.2009.
However our sales, service and warehouse staff look forward to serving you during the summer period.
Please will you note your needs well in advance concerning our holiday season.
You will reach our sales team at 0207417229

Pumppulohja has the renowned Pumpex representation in Finland for the next five years - 31.1.2005

See the announcement.

New ownership arrangements of Oy Pumppulohja Ab and Oy Wat Man Ab Water management - 17.3.2004

With the sale of shares undersigned today the ownership of Oy Pumppulohja Ab and Oy WatMan Ab Water management has been transferred to the new executive management of the company. The two companies will continue to operate without any major changes. The new owners and members of the board are Mr. Hannu Mäkinen, Mr. Jukka Malinen, Mr. Antti Helanterä, Mr. Stefan Stigell, Mr. Reijo Lehtinen and Ms. Mari Virta. Mr. Samuli Perttala will also continue as a member of the board. The new board has appointed Mr. Jukka Malinen as managing director of Pumppulohja. Mr. Hannu Mäkinen will continue as the managing director of Watman. The previous main owners of the company Mr. Erkki Virta and Mr. Kaj Stigell, will continue to serve the company as specialist advisors.

By harmonizing the ownership, sales and marketing operations, as well as the logistics, it is estimated that the transfer of ownership will have a positive impact on the business performance of the two companies. The combined turnover of the companies is approximately 7.1 million Euros and the number of employees is about 60 persons. The business activities divide into three different main product areas: pressure vessels, pumps and water management.

Personal areas of responsibility:

Oy Pumppulohja Ab
Jukka Malinen  Managing director of Oy Pumppulohja Ab
Reijo Lehtinen  Production manager of Oy Pumppulohja Ab
Stefan Stigell  Sales manager of Oy Pumppulohja Ab
Mari Virta  Executive in charge of administrative services at Oy Pumppulohja Ab
Erkki Virta and Kaj Stigel will continue to serve Pumppulohja as specialist advisors

Oy Wat Man Ab Water management
Hannu Mäkinen  Managing director of Oy Wat Man Ab Water management
Antti Helanterä  Process chemist at Oy Wat Man Ab Water management
Oy Pumppulohja Ab Oy WatMan Ab Water management

Chairman of the board
Hannu Mäkinen

Please contact Mr. Jukka Malinen or Mr. Hannu Mäkinen for additional information, tel. +358 19 357 071.

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